IHE School - excelling in your being intuitive, in your being unique as you dream the Dive, the Sea has appeared --- The ÌNIN Holographic Evolving Program : - for new professional figures, integrating the scholastic and academic education - with a multilevel intuitive attitude towards a new imagining, designing, evolving cause and effect do not exist --- The main aim of ÌNIN Holographic Evolving: - is to develop the holographic self insight - moulding a new thinking, a new language, a new interplay, new multilevel creative resources in time without time - to create while receiving Energy --- The ÌNIN Holographic Evolving Quantum Leap of the mind: - a leap towards a limitless source of Energy, ready to emerge from our unexplored innate intuitive potentials the innate attitude towards the Possible - the sustainable Lightness of Being --- The ÌNIN Holographic Evolving outcome: new Professionals - responsible prepared intuitive - bringing a new holographic thinking, conceiving, envisioning - open to expand, ready for a new understanding, a new responding, leading, designing The ÌNIN Holographic Evolving outcome --- The ÌNIN Holographic Evolving outcome: for new Men and Women - wondering, visionary, enlightened by intuition - responsible for a new creative interrelation, a new way of comunicating, a new holographic evolving IHE - the ÌNIN 2012 Project already has involved 115.000 persons of 44 Countries ÌNIN Holographic Evolving - the beginning of a New Narration: the Holographic Era

 What is UNIQUE about IHE
a new Ethic, a new Aesthetic

An unexplored path - a source of unknown Energy -
Every Individual is naturally endowed of latent, extraordinary intuitive and creative attitudes:
The discovery of such attitudes allows a complete transformation of our understanding, responding, finding solutions, planning, and it leads to a visionary and illuminated co-creation: new actions and projects, new dreams, new perspectives, a new imagining, where effectiveness is Beauty -
A new Aesthetic, a new Ethic of dialogue, of co-creation, of symphony emerges -

Holographic Intuition
The scientific discoveries continuously have developed new paradigms on how we perceive, think and conceive our life - However, the most recent paradigms up today still offer deductive modalities of observing, and on such basis we intone our interrelations and behaviours, mainly on the basis of a temporal and analytical vision -
IHE shifts such deductive conceiving towards a multilevel intuitive approach: the individual receives many layers of intuitive information in one single insight, and the deductive horizontal thinking is integrated with a symphony of holographic vertical vision -

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The Role of the Observer
As it has emerged from modern physics, the observed is influenced and created by the observer -
In IHE, the creative role of the observer originates from a wider and wider awareness -
The creative potential of any observer is extended: the observer shifts from his/her ordinary attitude to deduct objective answers, towards a subjective con-science which perceives, wonders and intuitively imagines, a con-science switched ‘on’ and empty: an antenna ready to receive information -

From Rhythm to Silence: how the comprehension changes
In what concerns the modalities of cooperation, IHE integrates a horizontal seeing with a vertical multilevel seeing: IHE shifts the way to think in linear terms of cause-effect, and the planning in functional and horizontal timeframes → towards intuitive and vertical spaces, in which to observe the dynamics of interrelation, to imagine and to be oriented towards wider perspectives - IHE is a jump towards an essential sensitive comprehending which re-orients our designing: from being powerful to being possible, from defined outcomes to unlimited possible discoveries -

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