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Anna Bacchia  - Author Researcher Teacher

Anna Bacchia’s main current Project is the ‘ÌNIN INtuitive INtelligence Educational Program’: it develops unexplored and radically innovative aspects on the nature of INtuition, of INtuitive INsight, selfinsight and INterrelation. Within the syntony emerging within intuitive interrelation, the human being is in-formed by an unexplored intuitive in-formation while he in-forms (gives form to) reality, as an orchestra conductor who directs the orchestra while he is directed by the flow of music itself. In such intuitive syntony the human being is not ‘separated’ or s/he is not ‘other’ from the symphony which s/he creates. Such intuitive experience enlightens a new understanding and thinking, a new perceiving life, a new making possible: a holographic conscience. Towards a civilization of (intuitive) symphony. From such Poetics Anna Bacchia has developed the COn SCIENCE Theatre Project. Currently, the innovative ÌNIN Edu Programs are being developed as a focus proposed to the educational programs of the United Nations, and are spread in the network of the 3.6 MLN participants and 62 Countries of the ÌNIN Projects.

● The Anna Bacchia ÌNIN Projects

Anna Bacchia ‘ÌNIN Intercultural Projects’ network - 62 Countries and 3.6 million participants

● Scientific Artistic Committee

The ÌNIN Projects are supported by an International Scientific Artistic Committee, involving world renowned Scientists and Artists, Franco Ambrosetti, Vladimir Ashkenazy, Fritjof Capra, Ervin Laszlo, Leon Lederman, Mario Brunello, Rachelle Ferrell, Daniele Finzi Pasca, Hiroo Saionji, Masami Saionji. Read more

Anna Bacchia is President of the Club of Budapest Switzerland. She is Member of the International Institute of Acoustics and Vibration (Alabama), and Research Fellow of the Laszlo Institute of New Paradigm Research.
In Switzerland she has founded the Center for ÌNIN Holographic Evolving.
She is Author of several Books and Essays, as: Pure Frequencies in Bioresonance Vocal Sounds, Human Response to Sound and Vibration (International Institute of Acoustics and Vibration); The Emptiness Creating (ÌNIN Editions); ÌNIN Holographic Evolving, towards a Civilization of Symphony (World Futures, Taylor & Francis).
Anna Bacchia has 45 years experience as teacher, councelor, and trainer on INtuitive Voice and INterrelation, and currently holds Master Classes on INtuitive Cognitive INtelligence and (well)-Being.

As a "globally thinking leader in the cause of Peace and Human Enhancement", Anna Bacchia has been invited by the Goi Peace Foundation (Tokyo, Japan) to endorse and sign the worldwide declaration for Peace 'the Fuji Declaration',  which from 2015 onwards is being presented to governments worldwide -

For her Cognitive Research and Intercultural Projects ÌNIN INtuitive INtelligence, in 2014 Anna Bacchia has been nominated Member of the Club of Budapest, one of the most prestigious international organization for culture science and art, "dedicated to mobilize the full cultural resources of humanity. Formed of outstanding personalities of international fame whose achievements exceed the boundary of their professional life and whose unparalleled social responsibility is also generally acknowledged and acclaimed", the Club of Budapest counts among its members the XIVth Dalai Lama, Mikhail Gorbachev, Muhammad Yunus, Gidon Kremer, Edgar Mitchell -

Anna Bacchia
Founder of the Center for ÌNIN Holographic Evolving - Lugano, Switzerland
Author of the ÌNIN One Earth Choir Project
Creative Member of the Club of Budapest
Director of the national chapter ‘Club of Budapest Switzerland’
Fellow of the Ervin Laszlo Institute of New Paradigm Research, EU
Fellow of the International Institute of Acoustics and Vibration, Auburn, Alabama, USA
Bioresonance Voice and Interrelation Teacher, School of Modern Music, Lugano, CH
Hindo Vedic Psychology Bachelor Degree, Florida Vedic College, USA
Member of the ‘Italian Association for Speech Sciences’, University of Padova, Italy,
Member of the ‘Italian Association for Cognitive Sciences’, National Research Center, Italy
Musician - Vocalist - Writer

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