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Congresses and Conferences (selection)

The New Paradigm in Education
The Laszlo Institute of New Paradigm Research
20/21 March 2017 ~ Bagni di Lucca, Italy

Global Woman Summit
30/31 July 2016 ~ London, United Kingdom

First International Meeting for New Paradigm Research
The Laszlo Institute of New Paradigm Research
30/31 October 2015 ~ Bagni di Lucca, Italy

The 21st Anniversary Conference of The Club of Budapest
5/6 December 2014 ~ Academy of Sciences, Budapest, Hungary

First International Symposium on the New Scientific Paradigm
Conference of GUNA and of the ELCAS - Ervin Laszlo Center for Advanced Studies
29/30 March 2014 ~ University of Milano, Italy

VII 'Cerchio della Vita' International Convention

25/28 April 2013 ~ Bagnacavallo, Italy

Many Voices - One Song
Circle of Life International Conference
22/24 March 2013 ~ Modena, Italy

1st Forum for Peace
1 September 2011 ~ Lugano, Switzerland

Beyond the Mind
The 10th EUROTAS Conference
15/18 October 2009 ~ Milano, Italy

Language and the Scientific Imagination
The 11th ISSEI Conference
28 July/2 August 2008 ~  Helsinki, Finland

The 14th International Congress on Sound and Vibration
9/12 July 2007 ~ Cairns, Australia

La Voce Artistica
IV Convegno Internazionale di Foniatria e Logopedia
27/29 Ottobre 2005 ~ Ravenna, Italy

XXXVIII Congresso Internazionale di Studi  della Società di Linguistica Italiana
23/25 Settembre 2004 ~ Modena, Italy

The 9th International Congress  on Sound and Vibration
8/11 July 2002 ~ Orlando, Florida, USA

The 8th International Congress  on Sound and Vibration
2/6 July 2001 ~ Hong Kong, China

The 7th International Congress  on Sound and Vibration
4/7 July 2000 ~ Garmisch-Partenkirchen, Germany

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