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ÌNIN Programs - Workshops with Anna Bacchia

Lugano, Switzerland


ÌNIN INtuitive INtelligence Personal Training
Individual trainings or team training, weekly meetings during a year

- registration: +41 79 733 91 33
- contact us for further information
Milano, Italy

11 May
01 June
06 July
21 September
05 October
26 October
30 November

ÌNIN: now, beyond time
At the source of actions which do not require our energy, but which provide us energy

Organized by the Institute for Applied Experimental Psychodynamics, Milano

- contact us for further information
Lugano, Switzerland

4 appointments per year:
- 05 March 2017
- 02 July
- 15 October
- 26 November

+ individual training and coaching

Educational Training Program
INtuitive INtelligence, Resonance and Holographic Evolving

A specific advanced Program for Educators, Teachers, Medical Doctors, Therapists, Councellors, Professionists and Students:
the experience of the immense creative and inter-relational potential of ÌNIN INtuitive INtelligence.
Admission upon personal interview with Anna Bacchia.

To learn more on the program, see ÌNIN Holographic Evolving - The Civilization of Symphony

- contact us for further information
in your Cities

- 3 September - San Donà VE
- 3 December - Lugano

A new Interrelation among each other and with the World takes Voice

ÌNIN, the Civilization of Symphony
the Holographic Era - A New Narration

The holographic COn-SCIENCE THEATRE of BEING.
The intuitive communication, the analogical language: a (r)evolutionary enlightened comprehending.

- registration: +41 79 733 91 33
- contact us for further information
IHE Venues in the World

next dates to be defined

ÌNIN - Bioenergetic and Psychophysical Riequilibrium
The Intuitive Aesthetics -
Beauty and the Art of Change

Program: Voice and Transformation - Bioresonance (pdf)

Workshop Registration

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