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2000 - 2002 - Following the Research conducted within Science Art and Daily Interrelation, on the theme of the holographic nature of the Cognitive-Creative process, in the years 2000, 2001, 2002 I presented a series of papers on ‘Human Response to Sound and Vibration’, on the International Congresses on Sound and Vibration in Garmish (Germany), in Hong Kong (China), in Orlanda (Florida, USA) -
Such research recognizes ‘the voice as masterpiece of the creating self’ - ‘the intuition which unveils, and the self which reveals and creates’, ‘the dialogue disclosing sceneries where everything is visibly connected’, ‘the nature of the creative gesture’ which can be insight and cognitive gesture, and which is implicit in any interrelation, where the phenomena are expressions of the self which has conceived them -

2004 - 2009 - On such premises I explored the intuitive process, towards ‘dialogues of resonance’, ‘cognitive interplays’, ‘the vocal sound which traspares the self’, towards ‘archetypes, catharsis and the theatre of life’ -
From 2004 to 2009 I presented papers at the International Conference on Sound and Vibration in Cairns (Australia), at the 11th ISSEI (International Society for the Study of European Ideas) Conference in Helsinki (Finland), and at the 10th EUROTAS Conference in Milano (Italy) -

In 2008 at the Center for Ecoliteracy in Berkeley, California, Fritjof Capra (Physicist, System’s Theorist) defines the research developed by Anna Bacchia as ‘a new access to the cognitive processes’ -
In 2009 in Pisa, Tuscany - Italy, Ervin Laszlo (Systems Philosopher, Integral Theorist, Founder of ‘The Club of Budapest’) recognizes: “What we can know through ‘ÌNIN’ - the Research by Anna Bacchia - is really a formidable method to experience directly this connection, this deeper reality in which we all are inserted” -

Between 2010 and 2012 the themes of Interrelation, and of the individual creative gesture generating a global creative gesture flow into the Project ÌNIN One Earth Choir, inspired by the ÌNIN Holographic Evolving Poetics - A project supported by a Scientific Artistic Committee consisting of world renowned Scientists and Artists, and with a network of cultural contacts involving, up to February 2015, more than 3’525’000 participants from 55 countries around the Earth -

“My wondering, since always, has been magnetically attracted by the manifold layers where life appears as the self creates it - Where every individual is a unique essence, and the self creates the hologram, the symphony of the vital events”

Anna Bacchia

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