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The Eloquent, an Inspiring Energy of Creating

Scientists ‘discover’ as artists ‘create’, as ‘each daily gesture and dialogue takes shape’: a process where the world of phenomena is the expression of the individual which creates them - In physics we say that the events happen to reveal the states which generate them -
Discovery and creation are somehow connected with the eloquence of the phenomena surrounding us -
On the fundamental level of reality: the eloquence of the phenomena which we see in the world external to us, is but a quality of our being which we can see projected, like a director can see the movie he has dreamed and created projected on a movie screen -
On the ordinary level where we define the things inside space and time: the eloquence can activate our intuition, and we say: ‘I am touched’, ‘I wonder’, ‘I am surprised’ - That wondering is a key which can open many other layers of intuition, of self insight, of imagination -
While intuition-imagination-dream already mould the world with discoveries and creation, the events and the shapes created mirror and reveal their source -
Sensibility and intelligence, peace and lightness emerge from a limitless source of potential and creative energy, ordinarily unexplored, which is innate in every individual. With such energy, our creating being shapes the world -

Wonder and Intuition, Imagination and Dream - Chicago, at the Fermilab with Leon Lederman

My research has always been attracted by that place where art, science and daily choices are blended, modeled by a unique creative gesture -
Like when you share travel experiences with persons who have visited the same countries, the same landscapes, in Chicago, September 2009, I re-discovered vital essential aspects of such research when I met Pier Maria Oddone, Physicist and Director of one of the largest Physic’s Research Centers in the world, the Fermilab, together with the Italian astrophysicist Marco Bersanelli and the Physic’s Nobel Prize Laureate Leon Lederman, a world renowned reference for education -
We met there, like persons which arrive from different directions and meet in the same house, in the same vision, in the same dream -
We met discussing the theme of Marco Bersanelli’s book ‘Wonder and Knowledge - We were touched in front of the ‘wonder’ described by artists and scientists of all times, from Galileo to Gell-Man, as the common ground which lit the spark of their discovery and creation -
Scientific discovery as well as artistic and daily creation are both creative gestures and gestures of self-knowledge -
The interviews with Pier Maria Oddone, with Marco Bersanelli and with Leon Lederman, together with interviews from world renowned artists and scientists, see Scientific Artistic Committee, express different facets of the same common place, where wonder is a door to knowledge and to self-knowledge, and where the natural attitude of the self to be possible creates the world -

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