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What ÌNIN is

ÌNIN is (inter)play -
ÌNIN is a symbol of the vital poetry and process, where a frequency of information = a wave of sound: <ÌN>, is answered and re-sound-ed → and an other <ÌN> appears in the field of events, and discloses information -
ÌNIN narrates the inter-play constantly running among the frequencies which sound at all levels of life: a Symphony of information which the most advanced scientific paradigms recognize as the nature of all that exists in our micro and macrocosm -
ÌNIN, a Holographic Intuitive Insight, Intuitive Intelligence expanded and enlightened by the Symphony

ÌNIN is intuitions spread on many levels of self-insight and of reality,
and it is the innate antenna capable of grasping those intuitions -
It is the attitude to intuit, and the enlightening flash of Intuition -
It is the laboratory where all this happens,
and the image which brings the intuitive information -
It is the eye which sees all this, the voice which expresses such vision, the gesture veiling the invisible intuition and revealing it as visible shape

ÌNIN is the field of unlimited possibilities inscribed in the individual being

ÌNIN is a flash
an instant: the being, unique, conceives himself: sees himself - the light of a dream, his image appears,
the world appears,

ÌNIN is the hologram which appears and reveals itself on different levels, where the one, the holos-, is de-scribed, -gramma, dropped into time, in thousands of shapes blended in an instant, where
lightning illuminates a scene, and all of history is one only dream

ÌNIN is a sound Ìn IN ÌN in -

it is 1 + 1 = 1

ÌNIN is a door without door

ÌNIN is an IN-plicit Intuition, hidden within the folds of the visible - it is INtimate INsight

it is the INvisible INscribed in the white spaces between the lines on the page

ÌNIN is an architectural module, is architecture

ÌNIN is a neverending resonance

ÌN ----> IN is the secret between veiled and unveiled

- the implicit, the non manifest possibility, like a book dreamt and not yet written,
appears within time, within the explicit, becomes a book -
Explicit and implicit are neither separate nor different, they are one only reality -

the self creates in-forms and molds e-vents phenomena and shapes of the ‘real’ world,
which emerge to be the voice which narrates the source

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