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The ÌNIN Educational Project
Given the challenges and the opportunities which the human society today is facing, the ÌNIN EDU Project is dedicated and aimed at the new generations which are going to take the leading roles in the world, and which, in the coming years, will have the commitment to shape the future social political economic and cultural decisions for the planet. Read more ...
ÌNIN INtuitive INtelligence EDU Programs - excelling in your being intuitive, in your insight in your inventing The ÌNIN Holographic Evolving Program : - for new professional figures, integrating the scholastic and academic education - with a multilevel intuitive attitude towards a new imagining, designing, evolving The main aim of ÌNIN Holographic Evolving: - is to develop the holographic self insight - moulding a new thinking, a new language, a new interplay, new multilevel creative resources in time without time - to create while receiving Energy --- The ÌNIN Holographic Evolving Quantum Leap of the mind: - a leap towards a limitless source of Energy, ready to emerge from our unexplored innate intuitive potentials the innate attitude towards the Possible - the sustainable Lightness of Being --- The ÌNIN Holographic Evolving outcome: new Professionals - responsible prepared intuitive - bringing a new holographic thinking, conceiving, envisioning - open to expand, ready for a new understanding, a new responding, leading, designing The ÌNIN Holographic Evolving outcome: for new Men and Women - wondering, visionary, enlightened by intuition - responsible for a new creative interrelation, a new way of comunicating, a new holographic evolving IHE - the ÌNIN Projects already have involved more than 3.527.000 persons from 60 Countries ÌNIN Holographic Evolving - the beginning of a New Narration: the Holographic Era

 What is UNIQUE about ÌNIN Holographic Evolving:
a new Ethic, a new Aesthetic

ÌNIN, unexplored qualities and modalities of INtuitive INtelligence: A new interrelating, comprehending, interplaying, a unknown source of Energy.
ÌNIN creates a profound cognitive transformation, which leads us to re-cognize and experience our being and reality as one unique conscient essence.
ÌNIN allows us to develop a new interrelation and a knowledge not based on new ideas, models or paradigms, but rather on the essential qualities of the living being.

Every Individual is naturally endowed with extraordinary faculties of intuitive and creative resonance, which until now are unexplored and not developed by current educational and academic programs.
The discovery and the experience of such faculties let us develop an illuminated insight and selfinsight, while the mind doesn’t perceive reality as a sum of distinct parts, and doesn’t de-fine reality projecting onto it preacquired ideas and models, but rather, it receives intuitive information and syntony, as the self is not ‘other’ from reality. The intuitive information thus received is an arrow which hits the mark of the answers and solutions coherent with the emerging questions and vital exigences.
ÌNIN orients us and recreates us as instruments of consonance and of co-oper-a(c)tion, while it generates a new imagining and an essential transformation of our dialoguing, discovering, inventing.
We can create and give explicit forms while being recreated by intuitive implicit information: with actions which do not require our energy, but which offer us energy.
Thus emerges a new Aesthetic of interrelation, a new Ethic of dialogue, of co-creation, towards a Civilization of Symphony.

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